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We at ADIMart believes that every person has the potential to grow his/her own life faster, smarter and lead the life in most elegant way and can achieve financial success through MLM. It also provides opportunity of equal earning to every one. Keeping that view in mind we are working very past to increase our member base to all corners of the country to not only enhance our support base but to also spread our products and other related services to the end user.
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    CURRENT NEWS HERE It is noticed to all direct sellers and customers that order products& services will dispatch to the shipping point within 3 months but after Lockdown break. We can not send the order products& services within Lockdown period issue by the central or state Government. NO MEETING we are not allowed to my direct seller for any meeting, gathering at any place during Lockdown. We accept order for products from online and direct sellers promote my business by online mode only like telephonic, WhatsApp, facebook etc.We are not responsible for. +Regards-Adimart services Pvt Ltd

  • Monthly closing

    Dear leader Monthly closing end date of month 30/31&payout ewallet created 5to10 date of month& Helping Rewards (finance) disbursement after 15 days of achivement date (10/25). regards-ADIMART ADIMART SERVICES PVT LTD (INCOME ZONE) All members are humble request plz submit your kyc for any withdrawal& All liable payment in company account only,so kindly make your payment company account only for any reason. Thank you!

  • Core Team Achiever List

    Photo Name Assciate ID District
    Rajeev Gupta AD10000001 Ahmadabad
    Bikash paswan AD34443954 Katihar
    Krishna chhetri AD20104133 Darjiling
    Niranjan Minj AD79209861 Darjiling
    Geeta Sah AD48723766 Darjiling
    Karan karunadhar maharjan AD84872402 Chennai
    AKSHAY KUMAR AD54846988 Bokaro
    HARPREET SINGH AD60527391 Bathinda
    GUNJAN GUJARATI AD97927769 Anand
    SUPHIYA SARDAR SINGH AD41513086 Barddhaman
    PRITAM GAJMER AD87900894 Darjiling
    SHOBHA GAJMER AD27302746 Darjiling
    SANJEEV RAUTH AD16145805 Darjiling
    MITHLESH PRASAD SAHA AD92298909 Darjiling
    PARICHHAN PRAJAPATI AD68175656 Bharatpur
    ALFRED TOPNO AD37932448 Darjiling
    DEEPAK MAHTO AD28853784 Darjiling
    JAYRAM PRASAD AD22600776 Siwan
    SHANTI PRADHAN AD46131300 Amreli
    KUNDAN RAUTH AD93912739 Darjiling
    RAJEN THAPA AD42959719 Jalpaiguri
    BIRJU RAUTH AD76621498 Darjiling
    PUNAM PASWAN AD37200721 Katihar
    Deepak Lama AD79859816 Darjiling
    Jai prakash Gupta AD73495919 Darjiling
    SANTOSH KUMAR RAY AD48868456 Darjiling
    DIPAK SINGHA AD78252087 Darjiling
    Gautam Biswakarma AD26089146 Darjiling
    RAM BABU AD41563721 Patiala
    KRISHNA PRASAD LIMBU AD17958974 Birbhum
    SUJATA TETE AD97087373 Jalpaiguri
    ZAFFAR ANSARI AD37819553 Jalpaiguri
    ANIL KUMAR PASWAN AD28888153 Jalpaiguri
    SASHI PATEL AD65359987 Korea
    MADHAVI NAKIPURIYA AD93723325 Ambala
    TENZING TANMANG AD98491651 Jalpaiguri
    BIKRAM SHARMA AD16830850 Jalpaiguri
    SABITA RANI AD50051034 Katihar
    SANJEET KUMAR AD15254948 Begusarai
    BAIDYANATH SINGH AD31463009 Kishanganj
    SARITA GUPTA AD20399736 Murshidabad
    SUMITRA SINGHA AD96594081 Darjiling
    SUNCHARI PANCHOLI AD92331127 Mumbai City
    ANAND KAHULI AD43311602 Jaipur
    PRITI RAI AD71452904 Aurangabad
    DAYAL PASWAN AD76947692 Begusarai
    KULDEEP RANA AD57623417 Murshidabad
    Dibya singh AD68192228 Patna
    PANKAJ KR PASWAN AD99577187 Katihar
    PRASANTA BARMAN AD52794430 Koch Bihar
    HERMANN KARKARTTA AD52924604 Jalpaiguri
    KRISHNA DEBNATH AD98710876 Jalpaiguri
    BIMAL CHANDRA ROY AD91605145 Darjiling
    MD ASLAM AD56888042 Jalpaiguri
    SANJU GUPTA AD22212345 Darjiling
    USHA SHARMA AD77336035 Darjiling
    RABINDRA KUMAR AD52034592 Madhubani
    NIRMAL KARMAKAR AD54925962 Jalpaiguri
    BABUSONA YADAW AD49686485 Bhopal
    GOURAB DAS AD17998496 Darjiling
    BALRAM PASWAN AD95343831 Katihar
    SUMAN PRADHAN AD93704929 Jalpaiguri
    RAJU KAMI AD50768018 Purnea
    MINU LIMBU AD17605586 Kolkata
    KAMALA MONGER AD48189545 Patna
    MANOJ CHHETRI AD20095663 Munger
    SARITA PRADHAN AD49629893 Madhubani
    EZRA TOPNO AD83128926 Koch Bihar
    RENUKA MINJ AD44528682 Koch Bihar
    ARUNA RAI AD10165710 Katihar
    BIKASH CHHETRI AD17974565 Muzaffarpur
    JAISHANKAR PORTEL AD44878723 South West Delhi
    PRAMED LAKANDRI AD53058929 Darjiling
    NILKANTA KARMAKAR AD31762554 Jalpaiguri
    SUNITA DEVI AD67693072 Fatehabad
    SABITA KARMAKAR AD90299329 Jalpaiguri
    NUPUR KARMAKAR AD83620793 Jalpaiguri
    GAUTAM BISWAKARMA AD65109719 Darjiling
    GOBINDA JOSHI AD42501825 Jalpaiguri
    AJAY SHARMA AD21226027 Darjiling
    MAMTA YADAV AD60184027 Darjiling
    TILAK YADAV AD14179255 Darjiling
    BHUBAN BANIK AD91653733 Jalpaiguri
    PEMBA YOLM0 AD52232945 Darjiling
    LAL BABOO RAM AD15231048 Muzaffarpur
    SUDIP DEY AD18137182 Jalpaiguri
    BINA TAMANG AD58459130 Darjiling
    ANITA RAI AD87560751 Darjiling
    AJIT DAS AD88182811 Darjiling
    KHOKAN GHOSH AD27986985 Jalpaiguri
    BISHNU KHANDEL AD73524508 Amreli
    USHA SHARMA AD91929687 Darjiling
    BULBULI RAJBANSHI AD66886409 Darjiling
    Rosemary AD72008724 Darjiling


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